Project Manager(Head Of All Calculators)

Rajasekhar Valipishetty

B.Tech From JNTUH Hyderabad


Rajashekhar Valipishetty is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who achieved a Gold Medal for his academic performance. He specializes in Python, SEO, Maths-solving, and Django. His career journey began in 2016 when he started working as an SEO Executive. His flexible work schedule allowed him to grow, and he later joined A Plus Topper as a Content Developer. With several promotions, he currently holds the position of Project Manager in A Plus Topper, boasting 9 years of experience.


As a Project Manager in A Plus Topper, Rajasekhar Valipishetty has successfully managed a team of several individuals for the past 4 years. He possesses skills such as team management, leadership, and punctuality, among others. In addition, he has expertise in programming with Python, particularly with its framework Django, as well as Maths-solving, SEO, Content Strategy, and more.

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Factor Tree Calculator

Factor Tree Calculator is an online tool that displays the factors of a given number. This online handy calculator makes the calculations easy and faster for you.

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Prime Factorisation Calculator

Prime Factorisation Calculator used to calculate the prime factorisation of the number you enter.

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LCD Calculator

Make use of the LCD Calculator to find the Least Common Denominator and make all your calculations at a faster pace. Just enter the input numbers in the input field and click on the calculate button to avail the results in split second.

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HCF Calculator

Make use of the HCF Calculator provided here and calculate the highest common factor for the given numbers. Just enter your numbers in the below input box and then click on the Calculate button to get the accurate HCF Solution for the entered integers.

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