Percentage Increase Calculator

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Last Updated : Apr 06, 2023

Percentage Increase Calculator is a useful tool to find the increase between two values in terms of a percentage of the original value. To get the percentage increase value, you have to enter the initial and final values in the input boxes and hit the calculate button.


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Percentage Increase Calculator: Finding the percentage increase between two values is easy with our free tool. It does all required math calculations and produces the answer within no time. In the following sections, you can also check the detailed steps to solve percentage increase problems with solutions, and the percentage increase formula.


Here are some samples of percentage increase calculations.


What is a Percentage Increase?

The percentage increase is a measure of the percentage change. The percentage increase is defined as the ratio of increased value to the original value and multiplied by 100. The increased value is the difference between the initial and final values.

Percentage Increase Formula

The formula to find the percentage increase is given here:

Percentage Increase = [(final value - initial value)/ initial value] x 100

How To Calculate Percentage Increase?

The detailed steps to calculate the percentage increase are listed here:

  • Take the initial value and final value.
  • Find the difference between final and initial values.
  • Divide the difference amount by the original value.
  • Multiply the obtained number with 100 to know the percentage increase.
  • If the percentage is negative, it means there was a decrease and not an increase.

Solved Examples on % Increase

Example 1:

The annual salary Ramesh increased from Rs 1,80,000 to Rs 2,50,000. Find the percentage increase.


Initial salary = 1,80,000

Final Salary = 2,50,000

Percentage increase formula is Percentage Increase = [(final value - initial value)/ initial value] x 100

= [(2,50,000 - 1,80,000)/ 1,80,000] x 100

= [70,000/1,80,000] x 100

= 0.388 x 100

= 38.8 %

Therefore, the percentage rise in salary is 38.8%.

Example 2:

The price of rice rises from $10 per kg to $12 per kg. Find the percentage increase in the price of rice?


Initial rice price = $10 per kg

Final rice price = $12 per kg

Percentage increase formula is Percentage Increase = [(final value - initial value)/ initial value] x 100

 = [(12 - 10)/10] x 100

= [2/10] x 100

= 0.2 x 100

= 20

Therefore, the percentage increase in the price of rice is 20%.

How To Use Percentage Increase Calculator?

The simple guidelines to use percentage rise calculator are here:

  • Give the original value and rised value as inputs.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • On the result page you will get the exact answer with a detailed explanation.

FAQs on Percentage Increase Calculator

1. How do I calculate a 5% increase?

Divide the number you are adding the increase to by 5. Multiply the value by 0.05. And add the product to the original number.

2. What is the percentage increase formula?

Percentage increase formula is Percentage Increase = [(final value - initial value)/ initial value] x 100.

3. How do I calculate percentage increase?

To calculate the percentage increase, subtract the original value from the new value. Divide the result by the original value. And then multiply by 100.

4. Where is percentage increase useful?

Percentage increase is useful when you want to analyse how a value has changed over time. It is a common way of measuring growth.