Percentage Decrease Calculator

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Last Updated : Apr 06, 2023

Percentage Decrease Calculator is a user-friendly tool that quickly determines change from one value to a lesser value in terms of percent decrease. All you have to do is just enter an original value, and a new value in the specified input boxes and hit the calculate button. You will get the exact answer in addition to the detailed steps.


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Percentage Decrease Calculator:Do you need a tool to find the percentage decrease of numbers? If yes, you are at the correct place. Make use of our free Percentage Decrease Calculator tool and get the results easily. Here we are offering a detailed explanation of how to solve percentage decreases and example questions. Also, refer percentage decrease formula, and definition.


Here are some samples of percentage decrease calculations.


Percentage decrease Formula

The percentage decrease formula provides the decrease in the amount with respect to the initial quantity in terms of percent.

Percentage decrease formula is percentage decrease = [(old value - new value)/ old value] x 100

What is a Percentage decrease?

The percent decrease refers to the percentage change in the value especially when it is decreased over time. The examples are the decrease in the rainfall level. It can be calculated by using the percent decrease formula.

Steps to Find Percentage Decrease

The manual process to compute the percent decrease of numbers is mentioned here:

  • Firstly, check the old value and the new value
  • Get the difference between the old value and the new value.
  • Divide the obtained difference by the old value.
  • Multiply the result with 100 to know the percentage decrease.

Examples of Percentage Decrease


An article whose CP is $200 was sold for $180. Use the percent decrease formula to find the percent decrease in the CP of the article.


Given that,

Old value = $200

New value = $180

Percentage decrease = [(old value - new value)/ old value] x 100

= [(200 - 180)/ 200] x 100

= [20/200] x 100

= [1/10] x 100 = 10%

Hence, the percentage decrease in CP of the article is 10%.

FAQs on Percentage decrease Calculator

1. What is the percentage decrease from 20 to 16?

The percentage decrease from 20 to 16 = [(20 - 16)/20] x 100 = 20%

2. How do I calculate a 30% reduction?

To find the 30% reduction, let us take the original value as 100. Percentage decrease 30% = [(100 - x)/100] x 100. So, the new value is 30.

3. What is an example of percentage decrease?

The real-life examples of percentage decrease are the number of COVID cases reduced in a city, the decrease in the level of rainfall, and so on..

4. How to calculate percentage decrease?

To calculate the percentage difference, get the difference between given values. Then, divide it by the old value and multiply the result with 100 to obtain the percent..