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Last Updated : May 22, 2023

Add Percentage Calculator will add the percentage to an amount quickly. You have to provide the amount, and percentage values as inputs and press the calculate button to get the sum within no time.

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Add Percentage Calculator: This free tool allows you to compute the sum of a number and percentage easily. All you need to do is give the required input data and acquire the result. You can check the following sections to know the manual process of adding a number to a percentage with examples. Also, know the simple steps to use our calculator.

What is the Percentage?

In mathematics, a percentage is a number which is represented as a ratio of 100. The symbol to denote percentage is %. The word percent means a number per 100. The formula to calculate the percentage is here:

Percentage % = (value/total value) x 100

Steps to Add Number and Percentage

The manual process to add a number to a percentage is listed below:

  • Consider any number as N and percent to add as P.
  • Find the P percent of number N by simply multiplying N, P and dividing the result by 100.
  • The answer after division is the added amount.
  • Add the obtained added amount to the number to get the total amount value.

Solved Examples On Add Percentage

Find 15+18%?
Given that,
Here the number is 15 and the percentage is 18
To get the added amount, convert 18 into the number
= (15 x 18)/100
= 270/100
= 2.7
So, the added amount is 2.7
The addition of 2.7 and 15 is the total amount
= 2.7 + 15 = 17.7
Therefore, the total amount is 17.7 and the added amount is 2.7.

How to Use Adding Percentage Calculator

  • Provide a number and percentage values in the input fields.
  • Hit the calculate button.
  • Get the addition as a percentage and as a number.

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FAQs on Add Percentage Calculator

1.   How Do I add 2 percentages?
For adding two percentages, you have to add their values by removing the percentage. And apply the percentage to the sum.

2.   Can you add together percentages?
Yes, percents can be added together directly if they are taken from the same base amount.

3.  How do I make a percentage?
To make a number into a percentage, you have to divide the number by 100 and multiply the obtained number by a chosen percentage.

4.   What is the Total Amount Added Formula?
Amount Added Formula is Amount Added = (Amount * Percent to Add)/100 The total Amount formula is Added Amount + Amount