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Avail Average Percentage Calculator and do your average percentages calculations without any hurdles. Simply put the input percentage entries in the provided fields and click on the calculate button to solve the average percentage. This online calculator makes your task so easy and provides accurate results with a comprehensive explanation.

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Free Average Percentage Online Calculator : Are you feeling calculating the average of percentages is difficult? You’re wrong, by using the online average percentage calculator can be so seldom to solve. Also, you can get complete knowledge on how it can be calculated manually, what percentage is and how to convert a percentage to decimal, what is the formula to determine average percentage with different sample sizes, and many more. Let’s dive into this page without any further ado.

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What is the Percentage?

The definition of percentage is the ratio of the number per 100 in the denominator. The symbol used to represent the percentage is %. For example, if a is the real number then the percentage of a is expressed as a% which is equal to a/100.

How To Convert Percentage to D

Do you think converting percentages to decimals is important? Yes, you’re right the calculation of average percentage can be easier after converting each percentage to its decimal form. It’s simple to convert into decimal, just divide the given number by 100 and the end result is in decimal form.

Average Percentage Formula

Here is the formula that can be used mostly to calculate the percentage averages. So, apply this formula to your complex problems and get the output manually and easily:

Average Percentage = [(Percentage 1 + percentage 2)/(sample size 1 + sample size 2)] x 100


Percentage 1 = Decimal form of given percentage from sample size 1

Percentage 2 = Decimal form of given percentage from sample size 2

How To Calculate Average Percentage Manually?

Solving the average of two or more percentages involved various steps compared with solving the average of two or more normal numbers. You have to consider all the things while determining the average percentage. For easy calculation, follow the simple steps given below and calculate the average percentage:

  • Firstly, you have to convert the average into decimals if required for further calculations.
  • Find the number that each decimal portrays. For this, you have to multiply the decimal by the total sample number.
  • Now, sum up the numbers together.
  • Next, sum the sample sizes together.
  • Finally, calculate the average percentage by dividing the sum of total percentages by the sum of total sample sizes.

Do check the below modules and gain more knowledge about the concept practically. Also, use the percentagecalculator.guru average percentage calculator and avail the answer in no time.

Solved Example on Calculating Average Percentage

Example 1: If a company is producing 400 products and sold 75% of them in the first category. Again, a company produces 500 products and 60% of them are sold. Let's find out the average percentage of products sold by the company.

Given data are 400 products and 500 products

75% and 60% percentages

Now, convert these two percentages into decimals;

we get; 75% in decimal is 0.75 and 60% in decimal is 0.60

In the next step, multiply the above decimals by total products;

ie., 0.75 times 400 is similar to 300.

0.06 times 500 is equal to 300.

Add these two percentages of products produced from each category

ie., 300+300 = 600

Now, add the total amount of products produced from each category

We get, 400+500 = 900

Finally, you can get the average percentage value by dividing the above results, and multiplying with 100.

Average Percentage = [(Percentage 1 + percentage 2)/(sample size 1 + sample size 2)] x 100

= 600 /900 x 100

= 66.66% after rounding 67%.

Therefore, the average percentage of products sold by the company is 67%.

FAQs on Average of Percentage Calculator with Steps

1. How do you average multiple percentages?

By using the average percentage formula ie., [(Percentage 1 + percentage 2)/(sample size 1 + sample size 2)] x 100, you can easily average multiple percentages.

2. How do you calculate the average percentage with the same sample size?

To find the percentage averages for the same samples, you have to add the given percentages and divide them by the total number of samples. For example: If you have two percentages like 50% and 60%, then calculating the percentage averages is possible by 50% + 60%/2 = 110%/2 = 55%.

3. How do you average 3 percentages?

Make use of the average percentage calculator provided by the percentagecalculator.guru and easily average 3 percentages with detailed solutions. Also, learn the formula to calculate it with some worked-out example

4. What is the weighted average of percentages?

If we have entries a1, a2, a3, ..., an with respective weights w1, w2, w3, ..., wn, then the weighted average of percentages is equal to (a1 * w1 + a2 * w2 + a3 * w3 + ... + an * wn) / (w1 + w2 + w3 + ... + wn).