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Find your college grade point average with the help of our easy-to-operate College GPA Calculator. The tool takes every grade point, and credit in the input boxes and gives the GPA in a matter of seconds.

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College GPA Calculator: College GPA is an important measure for checking semester performance and tracking the entire career. Our easy-to-operate College Grade Point Average is useful to find the semester GPA quickly. Refer the following sections to know the GPA calculation formula and steps. Also, check the example questions with answers.

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  • Grade Point Average Formula

    The basic formula to calculate college GPA is here:

    Semester GPA = (Total Grade Points) ÷ (Total Credit Hours)

    College Letter Grade to GPA Conversion

    Here is the conversion between letter grades to point value.

    How is GPA Calculated in College?

    Have a look at the manual process to calculate the college grade point average.

    • Check out letter grades, and credit hours.
    • Firstly, multiply the course grade by the credit hours to get the grade points.
    • Get the sum of all grade points.
    • Divide the sum of grade points by the total credit hours to obtain GPA.

    Steps to Use College GPA Calculator

    Follow the simple steps to use our college grade point average calculator.

    • Give your course name, course credits and course grade information.
    • Click on the calculate button.
    • The tool will display the semester GPA.

    FAQs on Grade Point Average Calculator

    1. How to calculate college GPA?

    To calculate college/semester GPA, we have to divide the total grade points by the total grade hours.

    2. What is the formula to calculate the college GPA?

    The easy formula to calculate college GPA is Semester GPA = (Total Grade Points) ÷ (Total Credit Hours).

    3. Where can I get the best College GPA Calculator Online?

    You can find the best college grade point average calculator on

    4. How do you calculate GPA on a calculator?

    Provide the required input details and press the calculate button to avail the semester GPA.