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Want to find the score needed for the final grade? If yes, then utilise our user-friendly Final Grade Calculator. This calculator takes percentages of the desired score, current grade and weight of the final exam in the input boxes. Hit the calculate button to avail the output quickly.

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Final Grade Calculator: Want to calculate the final exam grade score required to earn the desired score? If yes, you have landed in the correct place. This handy Grade Calculator does math calculations and gives the required final grade score within seconds. The only thing you have to do is give the inputs and get the output. Here you can check the steps to calculate the final grade, formulas and example questions.

Final Grade Formula

You have to know the current grade, grade you want, and final exam weight to check the final grade value.

The final grade formula is F = [G - ((1 - w) x C)]/w


F is the final exam garde

C is the current grade

G is the grade you want

w is the weight of the final exam in decimal form

How to Calculate Final Grade Score?

The following are the simple guidelines to calculate the final exam grade score.

  • Check desired grade, current grade, and final exam weight.
  • Subtract the decimal form of the final exam weight from 1 and multiply it by current grade.
  • Subtract the product from the desired grade score.
  • Finally, divide the difference by the decimal form of the final exam weight.
  • The obtained result is the score you have to gain.


What is the final exam garde? If my current grade score is 70%, desired grade score is 78%, final exam weightage is 70%.


Given that,

Current grade C = 70

Desired Grade score G = 78

Final exam weight w = 70/100 = 0.7

Final exam grade formula is F = [G - ((1 - w) x C)]/w

Place the values in the formula

F = [78 - ((1 - 0.7) x 70)]/0.7

= [78 - (0.3 x 70)]/0.7

= [78 - 21]/0.7

= 57/0.7

= 81.42

Therefore, the final grade score is 81.42%.

Steps to Use Final Grade Calculator

  • Give the current grade, grade score you want, and final exam weight in the input fields.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • The tool will automatically display the final grade score in a matter of seconds.

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FAQs on Final Grade Calculator

1. How do I calculate my final grade based on percentages?

Multiply the percentage grade earned by the item's relevant weight to calculate the final exam score.

2. What is the final grade calculation formula?

The final grade calculation formula is F = [G - ((1 - w) x C)]/w.

3. How weighted grades are calculated?

The weighted grade is equal to the sum of the product of the weights in percent times the grade.

4. How to calculate the final grade using a calculator?

Give your current class grade, desired class grade, and final exam weight details in the input boxes and hit the calculate button to know the final grade value.