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Enter the original amount and result values in the specified input boxes and click on the calculate button to know the percentage. How to Get Percentage Calculator not only gives the exact answer but also gives a detailed solution page.

Original Amount


How to Get Percentage?: Do you know the original value and result, but don't know the percentage? Here we will calculate the percentage easily using our handy calculator tool. We are given the formula to calculate the percentage with the known values and steps to solve it. Also, check the example questions with answers and more information from this page.

How to Get the Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the percentage.

(A*P)/100 = R

Percentage P = (100*R)/A


P is the percentage

R is the result

A is the original amount

Steps to Calculate Percentage

  • Make a note of the result and original amount.
  • Multiply the result with 100.
  • Divide the product by the original amount to know the percentage.


How to get the percentage when the original amount is 150 and the result is 14?


Given that,

Original amount A = 150

Result R = 14

Percentage formula is P = (100*R)/A

Substitute the values in the above formula

P = (100 x 14)/150

= 1400/150

= 9.33

Therefore, the percentage is 9.33%.

FAQs on How to Get Percentage Calculator

1. What is the easiest way to find percentages?

The easiest way to calculate the percentage is to multiply the number by 100.

2. How to Get Percentage using a calculator?

Give the original amount, and result values as input and hit the calculate button to know the percentage value.

3. Where can I get the online calculator to get percentages? is a genuine website where you can find the How to Get Calculator to make all your calculations.