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This Number Minus Percent Calculator tool gives the answer to a tricky problem statement in less amount of time. Just provide the number from which you wish to subtract the percent and percent value as inputs in the respective fields of the calculator and click on the calculate button.

What is Minus percent?

Number Minus Percent: Are you looking for a free tool that shares some knowledge about the number minus percent questions? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are giving full-fledged information about the number minus percent on this page. You can see what is meant by subtracting from a percent, a few example questions and how to solve tricky problems easily with elaborate explanations.

What is Meant by Subtracting a Percentage?

The percentage is a term used in mathematics. It is used when we have to calculate the changes in a given quantity with respect to the constant number & we use that constant as 100. So, percent literally means per hundred.

Here, when we say subtracting a percentage, it means that we are subtracting a given percent of a number from a given number.

Steps to Subtract From a Percent

Here are the steps to subtract a specific percent from the given number itself:

  • Note down the whole number & the percentage
  • Check & convert the percent into a fraction or a decimal by dividing the given percentage by 100.
  • Now, multiply the fraction of a given percent by the given number.
  • Now take the number calculated in the above step & subtract this number from the given number.
  • Check the calculated answer from the above steps.

Solved Example on Calculating Number minus Percentage


Calculate 500 minus 15 percent.


Here, check the given number as 500 & a percentage as 15 %.

Now, we will convert the given percent into a fraction by dividing it by 100:

15 % = 15 / 100 = 3 / 20

Now, multiply the above fraction by the given number:

500 x (3 / 20 ) = 75

Now, minus this number from the main given number:

500 – 75 = 425.

So now we can say that the calculation of 500 minus 15 percent is 425.

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FAQs on Number Minus Percent Calculator

1. How to subtract percentages from whole numbers?

To subtract percentages from whole numbers, divide the number by 100 and then multiply the output by the percentage. Finally, subtract the number from the original number.

2. How to subtract 20 percent from a price?

First, divide the price by 10 and then double the output, and finally subtract the double number from the original number.

3. Calculate 2000 minus 10 percent.

2000 minus 10 percent= 1800