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Last Updated : Apr 06, 2023

Access the handy and easy to use Percent as a Decimal Calculator over here and find out What is the Decimal Equivalent for given Percent Value. Just type in the input percent value and hit the calculate button to obtain the decimal value easily.


Percent as a Decimal Calculator: If you have any doubts while solving the problems related to Percent as a Decimal Conversion then you have come the right way. This Online Calculator for Percent as Decimal is created to cater all your needs. You can obtain the decimal value in a fraction of second and even get the entire procedure for doing so from here. Continue reading the further sections to learn about the steps to convert percent as decimal, worked out examples for converting percent as decimal below.

How do you Write Percentage as a Decimal?

To convert percent to decimal you need to follow the below steps and arrive at the solution easily. They are along the lines

  • The first step to do is divide the given percent value by 100.
  • Then, remove the % sign after that.

You can convert from percent to decimal using another shortcut method too. In this method, all you have to do is move the decimal point to two places to the left.

Solved Examples on Percent to Decimal Conversion

Example 1:

Convert 15% to Decimal?


Given Percent = 15%

To convert from percent to decimal simply divide the percent value by 100 = 15/100

= 0.15

Thus, 15% to decimal is 0.15

Example 2:

Write 62.5% as Decimal?


Given Percent Value = 62.5%

To change from Percentage Value to Decimal divide by 100 i.e. 62.5/100 = 0.625

Keeping % sign after this we have 0.625%

Therefore, 62.5% expressed as decimal is 0.625

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FAQs on Percent to Decimal Conversion Calculator

1. How to convert percent to decimal?

You can convert percent value by dividing it with 100 and keeping the percentage sign % after that.

2. What is 10% as decimal?

10% as decimal is 0.1

3. What is the easiest way to express percent as decimal?

The easiest way to express percent as decimal is to simply move the decimal point to two places left.