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Last Updated : May 22, 2023

Percent Change Calculator tool determines the percentage change from one value to another value and gives the change as an increase or decrease. Just give the two values in the input sections and press the calculate button to know the exact result within a short span of time.

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Percent Change Calculator: Calculating the percent change value is easier with the help of Percent Change Calculator. You can check the detailed steps and formula for percentage change in the following sections. Also, get the solved example questions and more useful information from this page.

What is Percent Change? | Percentage Change Formula

The percentage change defines the degree of change over time. This percent change can be calculated in terms of either percentage decrease or percentage increase. The simple percentage change formula is mentioned here:

Percentage Change = [(New Value - Old Value)/Old Value] x 100%

How to Find Percentage Change?

The following are the guidelines and rules to calculate the percentage increase or percentage decrease.

  • Make a note of the old and new values.
  • Find the difference between new and old values.
  • Divide the difference by the old value.
  • Multiply the result by 100%.
  • The product is the percent change.

Example Questions on Percent Change

Question 1:
What is the percentage change from 60 to 72?
Given that,
Old value = 60
New value = 72
The percent change formula is Percentage Change = [(New Value - Old Value)/Old Value] x 100%
Place the values in the formula
% change = [(72 - 60)/60] x 100
= [12/60] x 100
= [⅕] x 100
= 20
Therefore, the percentage change or percent increase is 20%.

Question 2:
What is the percent change from 10 to 6?
Given that,
Old value = 10
New value = 6
The % change formula is Percentage Change = [(New Value - Old Value)/Old Value] x 100%
Percent change = [(6 - 10)/10] x 100%
= -[4/10] x 100%
= -[2/5] x 100%
= -2 x 20
= -40
Therefore, the percent change or percentage decrease is 40%.

Whether it is percentage change, percent decrease, percent increase, or what percent, you can calculate with the free tools provided at

Steps to Use Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculator

  • Give old and new values in the specified fields.
  • Tap on the calculate button.
  • The tool will generate the percentage increase or decrease value.

FAQs on Percentage Change Calculator

1.   What is the difference between percentage change and percentage difference?
The major difference between % change and percent difference is percentage change is [(New Value - Old Value)/Old Value] x 100% and the percentage difference is (New Value - Old Value).

2.   What is the percentage formula?
The percentage formula is % = (value/total value) x 100.

3.   How to Calculate Percentage Increase and Decrease?
To calculate the percentage decrease and increase divide the difference between the values by the old value and multiply the result by 100%.

4. What is the percent change from 20 to 5?
The percentage change from 20 to 5 is [(20-5)/5]x100 = [15/5]x100 = 300%.