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This Percent of a Percent Calculator tool gives the correct answer in less amount of time. Just provide percent values as inputs in the respective fields of the calculator and tap on the calculate button. You will simply get navigated to the output screen where you will find an elaborate solution for your question along with an accurate answer.

Ex: what is 44 percent of 60 percent (or) what is 45 percent of 30 percent (or) what is 32 percent of 48 percent

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Percent of a Percent Calculator: Are you looking for a free tool that shares knowledge regarding the perecnt calculations? If yes, then you are at the correct place. We are giving full-fledged information about the Percent of a Percent calculation method. You can see what is meant by percentage, a few example questions and how to solve the tricky percent of a percent questions easily with detailed explanations.


Here are some samples of Percent of a Percent calculations.

What is the Percentage?

In mathematics, percentage is a relative ratio or a fraction which represents the part of the given quantity out of 100. It is written as the symbol if ‘%’. Percentage has no unit of measurement or we can say that it is a dimensionless entity.

Percentage Formula

The formula to calculate the percentage is as follows:
% of a number = ( given number / original number ) × 100
But, if we have to calculate the percentage of a percentage, then the formula changes. It will be:
% of a % = (1st percentage) × ( 2nd percentage)

How do you work out Percentage of Percentage?

Here are the steps to calculate the percentages of percentages:

  • Note down the 1st percentage & the 2nd percentage.
  • Write down both the percentages in the form of fractions just by dividing them by 100 & removing the ‘%’ sign.
  • Now, take both numbers & use them in the formula given above
  • Find the result of the above calculation to find the percentage of a given percentage.


What is the 30% of a 50%?


Here, the 2 percentages are given 30% & 50%.

Now, these 2 percentages can be written in fraction form as:

30% = 30 / 100    &   50% = 50 / 100

Now, using the formula:

% of a % = (1st percentage) × ( 2nd percentage)

= ( 30 / 100 ) × ( 50 / 100 )

= 0.15

Now, we can say that 30% of a 50% is (0.15).

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Percent to Percent Example Calculations

FAQs on Percent of a Percent Calculator with Steps

1. How do you calculate your percentage?

It is simple to determine the percentage by dividing the given value by total value and then multiplying the output by 100.

2. What is 45 percent of 40 percent?

45 percent of 40 percent equals 0.18.

3. Can you calculate a percentage of a percentage?

Yes, you can calculate % of a %. To calculate percent of a percent, we have to convert both percentages into decimal or fraction and multiply them.

4. What is the formula to calculate percentage of a percentage?

The formula to calculate percentage of a percentage is (1st percentage) × ( 2nd percentage)