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Last Updated : May 22, 2023

Take the advantage of free Percentage Pay Raise Calculator to know how much percent your pay raise. Give your salary before and after the raise in the input boxes and tap on the calculate button to avail the percent pay raise as answer within no time.

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Percent Pay Raise Calculator: Individuals who want to share with friends, family that they got a raise, but don't know how much percentage can use this calculator. You can check the percentage pay raise formula, steps to calculate the percent pay raise and example questions from this page.

Percentage Pay Raise

Percentage Pay Raise Formula is given here:

Percent Pay Raise = [(Salary After - Salary Before)/Salary Before] x 100

How to Use Percentage Pay Raise Calculator?

  • Enter the salary before and after the raise.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • Avail the percent pay raise for the given values.

How to Calculate Percent Pay Raise?

Follow the guidelines to find the how much percent your pay raised. It doesn't matter if salary you typed in is daily, hourly, monthly, yeraly, etc.

  • Know the before and after the salary details.
  • Subtract the after salary from before salary.
  • Divide the result by before salary.
  • Now, multiply it with 100 to get the percent pay raise.

Example Questions on Percent Pay Rise

David salary has raised from $1500 to $2000. What is the percentage pay raise of David.
Given that,
Before salary = $1500
After salary = $2000
Percent Pay Raise = [(Salary After - Salary Before)/Salary Before] x 100
= [(2000 - 1500)/1500] x 100
= [500/1500] x 100
= [⅓] x 100
= 33.33%
Therefore, the percentage pay raise of David is 33.33%.

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FAQs on Percentage Pay Raise Calculator

1.   What percentage is good for a pay raise?
In general, the average pay raise is 3%. A good pay raise is considered the raise between 4.5% and 5% or more.

2.   How much is a 5% raise?
A 5% pay raise is obtained by multiplying the current salary by 0.5.

3.   How do I calculate raise percentage?
You can calculate the pay raise percentage by dividing the pay difference by the current salary and multiplying the result with 100.

4.   What is the percent pay raise formula?
The percent pay raise formula is Percentage Pay Raise = [(Salary After - Salary Before)/Salary Before] x 100