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Created By : Jatin Gogia

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Last Updated : May 22, 2023

Online and easy-to-operate Percent Savings Calculator takes regular price and special price of the product or service as input and gives the amount saved and percent saved as result in a short span of time. This tool is helpful when companies list the regular cost and special cost of each product on a deal.

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Percentage Saving Calculator: Do you feel finding the saving percentage or saving amount during a good deal is very difficult? If yes, then you have arrived at the correct place. The Percent Savings Calculator makes all those math calculations for you and gives the answer. You can find the steps on how to calculate percent savings and other useful information here.

The detailed step-by-step process to know the amount saved and percent saved after buying a product on a good deal are here:

  • First of all, know the regular price and special price of the item.
  • The difference between the regular and special prices is the amount saved by the person.
  • Divide the saved amount by the item's regular price.
  • Now, multiply the result by 100 to get the percent saved.

Find the amount saved and percent saved when the regular price of the item is $50 and the special price is $40.
Given that,
Regular price of the item = $50
Special price = $40
Amount saved = regular price - special price
= 50 - 40 = 10
Percent saved = (amount saved/regular price) x 100
= (10/50) x 100
= (⅕) x 100
= 20
Therefore, the amount saved is $10 and the percent saved is 20%.

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FAQs on Percentage Savings Calculator

1.   How do you calculate percent savings?
Get the difference between the actual price and the sale price of the product. Divide the difference by the actual price and multiply by 100% for obtaining the percent savings off an item.

2.   What are the formulas to compute the amount saved and the percent saved?
The formulas to find the amount saved and percent saved during the special offers are here:
Amount Saved = Regular Price - Special Price
Percent Saved = (Amount Saved/Regular Price)*100

3.   What is a savings percentage?
A percentage savings rate is the amount of percent you have saved by buying the item during the sale. It can be calculated by dividing the particular amount saved by the regular price and multiplying it by 100.

4.   How to calculate percent saving with a calculator?
All you have to do is enter the item's regular price, and sale price and press the calculate button to get the percent savings and total amount saved during the sale.