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The second power calculator will calculate the power of 2 for the given numbers. You can easily calculate the power of 2 even for negative numbers. The calculator can be easily used by anyone in just simple steps, and you will get the result on your screen in no time. You are just required to put the required inputs in the given boxes and click on calculate, and you will get the solution.

Second Power Calculator: Second Power means when we will calculate the product of two given numbers to the power of two. It also means when two same numbers are multiplied by each other. Thus, this task for the exponents of the second power seems to be difficult and can be sorted using eh second power calculator. To know how to calculate the second power refer to the below article. 

What is Second Power?

Second Power means when two equal numbers are multiplied with each other to get the product. Three are various ways to show second power but the common one is X2. This power is commonly known as the exponent and the number on which it is applied is called the base such as X is the base and 2 is the exponent or power. 

The second power is also denoted by X². It can be used where the superscript is not available. Another way to denote second power is by using a multiplication sign in between the two numbers A x A. 

Second Power Formula 

The second power can be written as ‘an’ which tells you to multiply a number by itself,

So the n of the given a’s are written as

How to Use a Second Power Calculator? 

There are a few simple steps following which you can easily use the 2nd power calculator. 

  • Write the required numbers in the given box. 
  • Click on the given button ‘calculate’. 
  • The result will be on your computer screen in no time. 

How to Find out Second Power Manually? 

If you want to find out the second power manually then just multiply the given numbers twice. Follow the steps given below. 

  • First you need to write an = Given number 
  • Now, an = bx Where b is the given number and x=2. 
  • Multiply the given number twice such as b x b.

Illustrated Examples of Second Power 


What is 3 to the 2nd power?


Given: What is 3 to the 2nd power

Now, we will multiply 3 twice by itself to find its 2nd power. 

=>  an = 3 x 3 

=>  an  = 9 

Thus, 3 to the 2nd power is 9. 

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Second Power Table 

Here, you can find out the second power of the few given numbers. 

Base Number

2nd Power

























FAQs on Second Power Calculator

1. What is power in mathematics? 

Power defined the base numbers which are raised to the exponents. The power can be 2, 3, 4, etc. It shows the number of the times base number is multiplied. 

2. How do we denote the second power of the given numbers? 

We denote the powers by an. To denote the base number to the second power the n replaces the value 2 such as a2

3. What is 12 to the 2nd power? 

To find the 12 to the 2nd power we will multiply 12 two times by itself. Such as 12 x 12 = 144. Thus, 144 is the second power of 12. 

4. How do we calculate the second power? 

You can either calculate the second power using a second power calculator or by multiplying the number twice by itself.