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Last Updated : Apr 06, 2023

Using the Square Footage Calculator you can easily perform the area in square feet. Difficult calculations can be easily conducted using the calculator. The calculator is available for free and you can use it numerous times. Thus, with the help of a calculator, the result will be declared in a fraction of a second. .

Square Footage Calculator: You can easily use the calculator by just entering the given length and width. Calculations related to square footage are sometimes long and take time for the result. Hence, you can use the calculator to get quick results. To know how to use the square footage calculator refers to the below-provided sections. 

What is Square Footage?

Square Footage is used for the measurement of the area. To get the square footage just multiply the given length with breath. You can easily calculate the areas for the 2-D figures for which the length and width are available. 

Square Footage Formula 

The square footage formula varies according to the type of area such as triangular, circle, parallelogram, etc. You can check the formulas for all the figures here itself. 

  • Triangle: Area of a triangle =  ½ × b × h, where, b = base, h = height
  • Circle: Area of a circle = πr^2, where r = radius
  • Parallelogram: Area of a Parallelogram = b × h, where base = b and height = h
  • Trapezoid: Area of trapezoid = ½ × h(a + b), where  h is the perpendicular distance between the parallel sides, and a and b are the lengths of the parallel sides 
  • Rectangle: Area of a rectangle = l × b, where l = length, and b = breath 
  • Square: Area of a square = a2, where a = side length 

Manual Process to Find Square Footage

The following are the detailed steps to calculate the square footage.

  • Get the length and width of the area.
  • Multiply the length by the width.
  • The product is the answer.

How to use Square Footage Calculator? 

The well-defined process to use the square footage calculator is defined below: 

  • You need to enter the length and width in the provided respective input field
  • Now click on the Calculate button.
  • Finally, on the output field the square footage of the desired numbers is displayed. 

Illustrated Example For Square Footage


Calculate the square footage of the room having dimensions of 10 feet by 11 feet. 


Given: Dimensions; Length = 10 feet, Breadth = 11 feet

We know that the room is in rectangular form, thus we will use the  Square Footage formula of a rectangle,

=> Area = Length × Breadth

=> Area = 10 × 11 = 110 sq ft or square feet

Hence, the square footage of the room is 110 sq ft.

FAQs on Square Footage Calculator

1. How to find square footage of irregular shapes? 

The square footage of the irregular shapes can be calculated by dividing the irregular shapes into smaller shapes and then finding the area for each of the given shapes. For example Total Square Foot = Area of fig. A + Area of fig. B + Area of fig. C + Area of fig. D. 

2. How many square feet is a 12x12 room?

12x12 room is 144 ft^2.

3. How many square feet are in a 5 ft x 7 ft bathroom? 

The formula is Area = Length × Breadth

=> Area = 5×7 = 35square feet

Hence, the area of the bathroom is 35 ft2. 

4. How to calculate square footage? 

You can square footage of the given numbers by multiplying the length with breath. But for some geometrical figures, you need to follow up the formula which you can check in the above article.