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Sum Calculator is used to calculate the summation of values in the easiest and fastest way. You have to enter the list of numbers in the input fields and tap on the calculate button to obtain the summation within no time.

Sum Calculator: If we want to find the summation of any set of numbers in mathematics then it will add or sum up any sequence of numbers and instantly give you the most accurate solution within a moment.

As we know that when we are in between any mathematical problem then one thing we mostly do is recheck the calculations by adding the values again and again. The one thing you need to do is to enter the bunch of numbers you want to add and with this calculator you can add the positive, negative, integer, and fractional numbers also.

FAQs on Sum Calculator

1. What Is the General Summation Formula?

The General summation says that the sum of sequence {x1, x2,..xn} is denoted using the symbol ∑ i.e. ∑xi= x1+x2+...xn.

2. What is a sum in MATH?

A summation also called a sum, is the result of arithmetically adding numbers or quantities. A summation always contains a whole number of terms. There can be as few as two terms, or as many as a hundred, a thousand, or a million. 

3. What is the Sum of Numbers from 1 to 10?

There is a total of 10 natural numbers in the list and the sum of the numbers i.e. from 1 to 10 is 55.

4. What is the major difference between Sequence and Series?

The numbers which are written in a definite order are called a sequence whereas the sum of the terms of a sequence is called a series.

What is a Sum? | Summation Formula

A sum is the addition of a set of numbers. It is the total amount calculated by adding a series of numbers. The mathematical operation performed is called addition or summation. It can be easily found by calculating the total amount by adding numbers and so on.

The sum is the total of all data values added. The sum formula is mentioned here:

Sum = x1 + x2 + x3 + ... + xn

How do you Find the Sum of Numbers?

In order to find the addition of numbers, use the below steps-

  • Take a series of numbers.
  • Add the first number to the second number.
  • Then add the result to the third number and so on.
  • The last number addition is called the sum of numbers.

Sum Examples on Summation

Example 1: What is the sum of the first ten positive integers?

Solution:  The first thing for the solution you must know is what are integers-

Integers- An integer is a whole number that can be positive, negative or zero. The symbol of an integer is ‘Z’.

 First 10 Positive Integers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

 Addition of positive integers- 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10= 55.

Example 2: What is the sum of the first 5 Even numbers?


We need to know the definition of even numbers to solve this problem.

First 5 Even Numbers:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Addition of Even numbers- 2+4+6+8+10 =  30.

In the above examples, we can see that we were calculating all the values on our own, but with our Sum Calculator, we do not need to worry about difficult sum calculations. Get instant help with all minor as well as major mathematical concepts which are difficult to understand with the calculators on